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Have been working with OMG for the past 18 months. After a period of inconsistent account management and reporting, OMG have evolved to be trusted partners and proactively deliver valuable SEO insights. Can highly recommend Emily and Danny for their professionalism and communication skills
Maurice Peigna - Digital Growth Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013 across multiple retail brands. Measurable results and advice to further grow the business. The team at OMG are personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work and success that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver.
Calvin Klein
Karleitia Bodlovic - Digital Marketing Head
The team at OMG are super lovely to work with and in a short amount of time have been able to deliver above and beyond what we originally expected. Looking forward to our continued partnership!
Katherine Bond - Brand Manager
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Great group of knowledgeable people who are able to create SEM and SEO strategy for maximum impact! Easy to work with and I would highly recommend.
Windsor Smith
Kathryn Dawson-lee - Marketing Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013. The team at OMG are incredibly personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work, success and top down approach that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver time and time again. I am confident to recommend OMG.
PVH Brands
Patrick DiLoreto - Ecommerce manager

Captivating content that constantly brings new customers.

In this exciting digital era, where customers are regularly searching for content in different ways, you need to stand out from the crowd. Simply putting yourself out there doesn’t cut it anymore as consumers decide how best they spend their time. This is where an informative, targeted, and data-driven content marketing strategy can see your business go from well-known to the trusted, go-to brand. Through effective content marketing, you’ll reap the benefits as your brand reputation is significantly improved, heightened lead generation, and boosted sales.

That sounds amazing, but where exactly do you start?

Boasting a marketing team of dedicated Gurus, we implement an evidence-based approach to every digital marketing strategy for all our clients. By relying on hard facts and numbers, we can identify inventive and effective content strategies and best practices which reach the business goals your business truly desires. With this proven data-first approach, it’s easy to see why we’ve been able to achieve long-lasting results for thousands of clients across a variety of industries. Boost your online presence and brand awareness by teaming up with the best there is in content marketing services.

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Meet Krista, The Guru Behind #1 Google Rankings
See your ROI skyrocket through tailored content marketing services.

For your brand to get noticed, you’ll need to take a considered approach in your digital marketing across all channels. An errant social media post, infrequent email marketing, blog posts on occasion that may rank on a search engine like Google. While all essential steps in digital marketing, by themselves will only achieve minimal results. Instead, by creating an effective multi-channel approach incorporating valuable content that focuses on a common goal, you’ll see noticeable success and a dramatic increase in ROI. But creating top content on a regular basis by yourself can at times be difficult. That’s why you’ll need to enlist help from content marketing services that can easily cut through the noise.

Luckily, this is what we do best! Our experienced team can help mastermind a brilliant content marketing strategy that increases your website search rankings, exciting social media posts, enriching email marketing that drives thousands of clicks, and so much more. Whether you want help from content marketing services with marketing campaigns which drive website traffic or help in content creation that strengthens your conversion rate, our team is more than capable of creating an evidence-based strategy that achieves your business goals.

Grow your business today by collaborating with a content marketing agency that truly understands what your brand needs to succeed – get in touch with the Online Marketing Gurus.

Getting you the best results, by partnering with the best.

You are the company you keep. That’s why OMG has partnered with trailblazers and industry guns to make sure we deliver the best possible SEO campaigns for your business. SEO isn’t easy. You need to do more than throw in a few keywords on your website. You need to also optimize your site structure, create relevant local content, improve your links, and stay on top of the latest search trends.

It’s a lot to manage. That’s why we’ve got the best partners on deck: to ensure you succeed. Our gurus are here to focus on the PPC, SEO, and social media marketing. Meanwhile, our industry-leading partners will take your content marketing, CRO, web design, development and more to the next level. We’re all in this together, to deliver revenue-shifting results for your store.

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Get everything your business needs to succeed with dedicated SEO services for every business goal. Our custom, targeted campaigns will help your business climb the local search results.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

The role of content marketing is to effectively create content that customers view as informative, relevant, and valuable. Moreover, it’s about connecting to your leads, customers, and audience in a way that feels natural and organic instead of disruptive.

Customers nowadays are hyper-aware of any marketing efforts that occur while they’re online and can at times tune out any direct advertising efforts put in front of them. Content marketing is capable of cutting through by communicating with customers without directly selling to them. This can be through several informative blog posts answering highly searched questions, press releases that give your target audience insight into the brand, or even a series of valuable videos providing help on popular topics. Regardless of how your company uses targeted content creation, this strategy is all about connecting to your audience through useful information about your products or services.

Additionally, content marketing is essential for any SEO strategy to be successful. By creating quality content focused on targeted keywords, you’ll quickly see your company website rank for search terms which potential leads actively search for online.

Through effective content marketing, your company will form a strong digital foundation that can in the long-term help increase brand reputation, high-quality leads, and boost ROI.
Content marketing serves a greater purpose than simply increasing your brand's online reputation. If used correctly, content marketing can be the solid foundational block that elevates every digital strategy you drive across every channel.

Looking to enhance your SEO strategy? By incorporating some considered keyword research from your SEO, you can create content that search engines love to rank and drives website traffic. Moreover, by producing relevant content that website visitors trust and regularly refer to, you’ll be rewarded by search engines in rankings as they also increasingly trust your website.Thinking about upping your social media game? Taking advantage of that same piece of SEO optimized content, you can create a captivating social media post which brings in more clicks to your website.

With a well-researched strategy utilizing different types of content that taps into different ways consumers search for information, you’ll establish a strong relationship between your target audience and the business. In turn, your business will see a rise in brand loyalty and ROI as customers prefer to spend more on products and services which they trust.
As consumers are flooded with truckloads of information every day, it’s never been more important to provide value to encourage reluctant customers to provide their information and become a lead. Luckily, providing value is what content marketing is all about!

An easy way to immediately generate leads with content marketing is through a targeted lead magnet. These are pieces of content that aim to solve a problem regularly faced by your audience but can only be accessed by providing some of their personal details. Whether this is through a helpful e-book, a set of enriching quizzes, or series of insightful videos, lead magnets are a much softer approach to drawing in potential customers based upon inherent value from the content itself.

Another way to generate leads is by guest blogging on other websites. Now, while creating website content for another site may seem initially like the wrong thing to do, guest posting serves as a brilliant way to not only increase brand awareness to a similar audience but with the right optimizations, can generate quality leads. Simply place a lead magnet in your author bio that targets the blog's audience, which is typically found after your guest post, and watch as more qualified leads start flowing through.

Long-tail SEO, when done right, can similarly encourage visitors to become leads.
Measuring content marketing success purely depends on the primary goal your business wants to achieve through this strategy. Whether it’s increasing the number of qualified leads to your business, boosting organic traffic through targeted website content, or simply driving up more online sales, measuring how successful your content marketing strategy is will be dependent on which objective matters to your company the most.

Alternatively, you can measure success in your strategy by tracking your content marketing ROI. Essentially, this is a percentage that signifies the amount of revenue you’ve gained from your content created in comparison to what you spent. To calculate your content marketing ROI, add up all the costs during content creation as well as costs in relation to content promotion and distribution. Next, add up your total sales that came directly from that piece of content. Finally, use this simple formula to find out your ROI:

((Return – Investment) / Investment) x 100.

This should give you a percentage value of how much was earnt from each content piece. For example, if you spent $100 on a blog post and received $500, then your ROI will be 400%.
Ready to have your company become an industry-leading brand online? You’ll need help from the best there is in content marketing services.

And that’s where we come in.

No matter what products or services being sold, no matter how large or small the clients are, our team will help engineer a content strategy that produces results. We have a proven evidence-based approach that allows us to formulate digital strategies using best practices for clients that are purely grounded around undeniable facts and trends.

Our services include more than just content marketing services, we'll collaborate with your business to create a multichannel game plan which delivers month-on-month results. Still not sure? Contact us today and you’ll receive a FREE digital audit plus a 30-minute strategy session. Our exhaustive audit covers every possible digital avenue you currently (or can potentially) utilize including content marketing, PPC, socials, and so much more. Our Gurus will take the time to not only crawl through every little detail of your website, but also learn more about your business.

If you’re searching for outstanding content marketing services trusted by thousands of clients, look no further than the Online Marketing Gurus. Elevate your content creation and start driving up your bottom line, contact us today!

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