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Have been working with OMG for the past 18 months. After a period of inconsistent account management and reporting, OMG have evolved to be trusted partners and proactively deliver valuable SEO insights. Can highly recommend Emily and Danny for their professionalism and communication skills
Maurice Peigna - Digital Growth Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013 across multiple retail brands. Measurable results and advice to further grow the business. The team at OMG are personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work and success that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver.
Calvin Klein
Karleitia Bodlovic - Digital Marketing Head
The team at OMG are super lovely to work with and in a short amount of time have been able to deliver above and beyond what we originally expected. Looking forward to our continued partnership!
Katherine Bond - Brand Manager
Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 4.46.21 pm
Great group of knowledgeable people who are able to create SEM and SEO strategy for maximum impact! Easy to work with and I would highly recommend.
Windsor Smith
Kathryn Dawson-lee - Marketing Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013. The team at OMG are incredibly personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work, success and top down approach that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver time and time again. I am confident to recommend OMG.
PVH Brands
Patrick DiLoreto - Ecommerce manager

Dominate search. Grow sales.

Imagine doubling, tripling or quadrupling your revenue through online marketing. It starts with cementing an unmissable and irresistible online presence. Lucky for you, that’s something our Dallas SEO gurus do every day for thousands of companies globally. Our mission is to keep you miles above the competition when it comes to online search. But that’s not all. Because being up there in the search engines isn’t enough. You need to be there for the exact keywords your customers are using to look for products and services like yours. You need to be ready with high-quality content your audience will find useful and relevant for whatever stage of the buyer’s journey they’re at. That’s where OMG comes in.

As Dallas SEO specialists, we create rock-solid SEO strategies for local Dallas businesses and enterprises. We’re talking about long term search marketing that dominates the search results to bring in real leads and sales.

Success begins with understanding your unique business goals and mapping out the growth opportunities for your business. Everything we do is tailored to your goals. Comprehensive keyword research uncovers what strategy will reap the greatest rewards. Not just rankings, but awesome uplifts in traffic, leads and sales. These are the SEO services Dallas has been waiting for.

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Meet Emily, the Guru Behind 231% Increased Revenue from SEO + PPC
Dallas SEO services with a global track record.

Meet the Dallas SEO agency that local businesses trust to bring in revenue-shifting results. Online Marketing Gurus has helped 1,000s of small businesses and large enterprises hit home runs with serious growth and revenue. What kind of results are we talking about? Picture this: 400% more leads, 10x more revenue and a whopping 500% more website traffic. All this from our digital marketing efforts. No wonder we’ve racked up 4.9+/5 stars on Google from more than 400 happy clients.

We’ve been recognized by 10 industry awards from some of the biggest industry heavyweights too. But it’s what our clients say that matters most. We exist for your success, and we’re not satisfied unless we’re hitting your goals.

How do we do it? Evidence-based processes are at the heart of what we do. Every decision is made based on real numbers. Our Gurus never stand still – they are continuously refining and tweaking your SEO campaigns and conducting keyword research to get greater results. Whether it's local SEO or enterprise SEO, our Gurus draw on extensive expertise and experience to make things happen. We understand every new campaign will pose new challenges, so we always create painstakingly customized strategies for every customer. Nothing cookie-cutter. This is the way we’ve done things from day one and it works every time.

Soar to greatness. Go multichannel.

Game-changing results don’t come from search engine optimization (SEO) alone. The only way to truly thrive online is to bring together internet marketing channels and tactics in an integrated approach. We should know – that’s what we do for our Dallas clients, as well as our other clients around the world.

As certified Google Premier Partners, our team of marketing SEO experts in Dallas Fort Worth have got Google Search, PPC, and Content Marketing covered. But that’s not all. We’re experts in Bing, Yahoo, Shopify, Adroll, Hubspot, social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, video production, email marketing, and more. Working with the world’s most powerful internet marketing platforms, we produce multichannel campaigns with sky-high ROI.



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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

It depends. How serious are you about your search engine optimization investment? Do you expect to get to page one of Google overnight? Are you just looking for the cheapest SEO services Dallas has to offer? If you answered ‘yes’ to the last two questions, search engine optimization will not work for you. Well, it won’t work the way it should.

On the other hand, if you recognize the real potential of search engine optimization and are raring to give it the time and investment it needs, you’re on the road to success. The best part is, OMG can help you get there.

The fact is, every Texas business is different. And there’s no cookie-cutter solution that will work for every business in Texas. Some tactics will deliver results better than others and help you thrive online. Others, not so much.

Another factor that will determine whether search engine optimization works for you is how much time you invest. Whether you’re working with a Dallas digital marketing agency or have an in-house marketing team, you still need to invest your time in the SEO strategy. You only get out what you put in. Search engine optimization is not something you can just set and forget. And even with the best strategy in the world, you won’t get amazing results unless you put in time and effort.

Get this right, and you can expect some eye-watering results. One client saw an explosive increase in organic traffic of 253% thanks to a strategy that delivered first-page visibility and top rankings for competitive terms. Another became the leader in a competitive construction market. The results are there for the taking with Dallas SEO – you just need to be willing to do the work.
As always it depends. For most businesses in Texas, it's realistic to see uplifts across site visitors and leads within 6 months after working with a Dallas SEO company. However, the real magic begins within the 8-12 month range. That’s when your campaign matures and you’ll start to generate a good ROI. Let’s be clear: this is only if you have a defined SEO strategy in place, have put in the foundational work and are publishing useful, high-quality content on a regular basis. Case in point, our Dallas SEO company worked with a furniture company and within 12 months, they saw 130% more traffic, 150% more conversions and 7x more keywords ranking in the top 3 spots on Google search. That's some serious growth for their bottom line.
Dallas SEO is about getting your business in front of customers who are searching for your product online.

Google processes a whopping 63,000 search queries every second, which equates to 5.6 billion searches per day. And a big chunk of those? You can bet they’re made by your exact target audience in Dallas TX, for the products and services that you’re selling. But if your website doesn’t show up in search results, these people will never know about your business. That’s where a local Dallas SEO company comes in.

Search engine optimization helps push your website to the top of search engine results so that you show up when Texas customers are looking for your products or services. See, it’s not enough to just APPEAR in Google search. A whopping 75% of people never scroll past the first page in search engine results. If you’re not on top, you’re missing out on valuable clicks, conversions, and sales. What’s more, your competitors will be appearing for those spots instead — and raking in revenue that could have been yours.

So how can you be the top dog in organic search? You work with a marketing agency like OMG. Top SEO companies in Dallas will optimize your website's on-page, off-page and technical elements to help you dominate search engine results in Fort Worth and beyond. From initial analysis to pinpoint the best keywords to web design, web development, content marketing, link building and more, we'll catapult your website to the top of search and help you bring in the sales. We'll also drive your website to the top of results for local search in Dallas, TX, so you can get your website, phone number and shopfront address in front of a hyper-targeted audience in your area.
We use a wide range of engagement metrics, traffic metrics, conversion metrics and ROI metrics to measure your campaigns. Here’s the important lesson: unlike other SEO companies, our Dallas SEO experts never rely on one number, like rankings. The only way to know if your campaigns are working and continuously refine your campaigns is to measure a range of performance metrics. We’re not just talking about your page ranking on Google. Getting your site to page 1 of Google is great but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are attracting the right users, getting phone calls from prospective leads, or converting those site visitors into paying customers.

So, what are the essential metrics that companies and marketing agencies like us need to monitor? First, we track the volume and quality of links. We also track your search click-through rate, which is the percentage of people who have clicked through to your page from organic search engine results, out of the total number of searchers who saw the search engine result (aka Impressions). But click-through rate only tells part of the story. That’s why we also measure conversions. Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who have taken a specific action against a goal – such as an email signup, eBook download, or a purchase. Knowing your conversion rate is the first step to work out the return on investment (ROI) from your efforts.

There are lots of other metrics that are helpful when it comes to refining your SEO campaigns, such as Dwell time, Bounce rate, Average time on page, Pages per visit, Scroll depth and Pages indexed.

The important thing to note is that we always track a mix of metrics to get a whole view of your campaign and how we can improve. That’s what sets our SEO consulting apart from many other SEO agencies – we’re not interested in the vanity metrics. We track the real metrics to find the actionable insights that will inform future strategies.
Modern digital experiences are extremely complex, and knowing exactly what’s going in search marketing can be tough. To truly understand digital customers, you need to have a holistic understanding of their behavior. The latest SEO tools will equip your business with more insights and knowledge than you might have ever thought possible. 

Start by understanding the ins and outs of your own website. Setting up Google Search Console (GSC) is a great place to start. You can use GSC for pretty much everything using the three tools -- performance, coverage, and enhancements. In the newest version of GSC, you’ll find the Search Report. With 16 months of data, it is an excellent way to get a quick overview of your website and content performance in Dallas.

Look no further than industry leaders like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Rank Ranger, UberSuggest or Moz, if you’re interested in understanding more about keyword research, keyword rankings, content ideas, backlinks, shares on social media, and how your competitors stack up. There really is no shortage of tools available to provide insights about your site and you can create endless reports. Just keep in mind you need to know how to turn these insights into a strategy that will drive revenue and working with a quality team of Dallas SEO experts will help you create impact with insight-driven execution.
Top-rated SEO agencies use what’s known as “white hat” methods. These are the tactics that will deliver the best return on investment, the most sustainable results, and the long-term gain you’ve been waiting for. In short, the top-rated SEO agencies know how to deliver sustainable growth you can bank on. So, what exactly are white hat SEO techniques?

White hat SEO encompasses all the tactics that play by the rules. Specifically, Google’s rules. This means putting user experience first in everything you do, from web design to content. You might have heard that Google is increasingly encouraging businesses to focus on providing an exceptional user experience. This means Google’s algorithms are designed to reward those websites that provide an easy and smooth journey for visitors.

One of the other top tactics for leading SEO agencies is creating content that’s both unique and valuable. You won’t find them plagiarizing content or creating low quality, spammy content – that’s a black hat tactic. Google rewards sites that have good “engagement signals” – and one of these signals is how long people stay on your page. The better your content and web design, the longer people will engage with your site.

Another white hat tactic that top-rated SEO agencies use is organic link building. Your backlink profile is a top-ranking factor for Google. Yet because building links isn’t a fast or easy task, many people will take a shortcut. They buy links. But this can now attract severe penalties from Google. That’s why you will never find top-rated SEO companies buying links. They will always put the foundations in place to earn backlinks – one sure-fire way to earn backlinks is to publish high-quality content.

There are lots of other white hat SEO tactics, including on-page optimization. Bottom line? Top rated agencies will always focus on providing an exceptional user experience, offering useful, unique content and building high-quality links.
If you want results, you need an SEO agency that can deliver on its promises and work with integrity. But how do you know which SEO agencies are going to talk the talk and which will walk the walk? That’s your number one challenge when choosing an SEO services company. Too many agencies in Dallas will claim to offer the best SEO services that you need to look for certain signals to find those who are the real deal. In other words, an SEO company that will take the work from your hands, sink their teeth into your business and create a strategy that delivers over and over again.

Start by looking for an agency that is willing to get to know your company, whether you're a small business or a global brand. This will tell you a lot about how they work. Like social media or any other internet marketing platform, SEO does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Your website demands a unique strategy. So, look for a team who will take an in-depth look at your web design, content marketing, current rankings, competitors and target market before they show you a strategy.

Second, look for an agency that openly communicates. In the fast-paced world of search, communication will make or break your campaign. You need to know that your agency is staying on top of the latest changes and adjusting your strategy to meet trends. Ask your agency how they will keep you up to date. Ideally, you should receive a monthly report and have regular meetings.

Look for straight talkers. Don’t be swayed by the jargon, hype, and shiny campaigns that are nothing more than digital facelifts. Go for an agency that will tell it how it is. At OMG, if something isn’t right, we don’t sugarcoat it. We always outline the strategic goals and financial results we’re aiming for. Then, we go out and get them. Simple as that.

You also want to look for an SEO agency with lots of experience. Have they worked with a wide range of clients? What kinds of results have they achieved? Be wary of any agencies that are cagey about their previous clients. They might have something to hide - and by something, we mean bad SEO results.

At the end of the day, you want to work with an agency that is honest, transparent, experienced and dedicated to your business goals. If you’re ready to speak to an agency that ticks all those boxes, give us a call on our phone number: (855)871-5474.
Simple: because you deserve the best full-service Dallas digital agency around. We know that's us and that we'll help your business thrive.


Our clients tell us we’re the best digital agency in Texas for lots of reasons. Mostly it comes down to our focus on high-performance campaigns with results you can see for yourself. A lot of digital agencies and SEO firms talk a big game, but we’re here to make things happen. Specifically, we exist to get the results YOU want. We help you grow your business with more qualified visitors, then we those clicks into leads, sales, and customers.

Transparency and honesty are at the heart of what we do. Whether you’re a business owner or marketing manager, you’re trusting us to be part of your business. That means you should know exactly what the game plan is and where your budget is going. We're not here to pull wool over business owners' eyes or confuse SMBs with jargon like another Dallas Fort Worth digital marketing agency might. We're here to help you harness search engine marketing for growth, both now and in the future. Our Gurus in Dallas Texas focus on building a relationship with every single client – from small businesses in Texas to large enterprises – so we can make sure your game plan is crafted to solve your business challenges and achieve your goals. We keep in contact every step of the way via phone and email with detailed reports on spend vs sales, targets achieved, performance stats and more. Digital marketing shouldn’t be a gamble. And with us, it's not.

Another reason people say we’re the best is our enormous range of expertise and experience. We’re not only up to speed with the latest updates, algorithms and trends in the world of digital advertising; we’re in tune with your customers and competitors in Dallas and beyond. Our SEO consultants draw on this expertise to select the perfect combination of white hat SEO tactics that helps businesses dominate organic search, outrank the competition, drive conversions, and thrive online. That’s the kind of outcome you can expect from a team of Dallas SEO experts.

If you really want to know why we’re the best SEO agency in Dallas, check out our ratings. We’ve earned more than 400 reviews from happy clients rating our marketing services at 4.9+/5 on average. When you read them, you’ll see phrases like “Great service and delivered results”, “great results”, “passionate and genuinely care”, and “agency with integrity”. These are words straight from our clients’ mouths. It doesn’t get more honest than that.

And that’s not all. As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we've been recognized with 10+ accolades from world-class heavyweights for our work with our clients.

How does our team do it? It comes down to our evidence-based processes. Every decision, no matter how big or small, is made based on real numbers and data insights. And it’s not just SEO that we’re thinking about. We’re always considering other ways for your campaigns to thrive - to integrate your digital marketing for better results. That might be pay per click, local SEO, social media advertising or something else. We’re big picture thinkers, and in the middle of that big picture is YOUR success.
Here at OMG, every SEO game plan starts with an audit. This SEO analysis helps our Dallas SEO experts understand exactly where your company is currently landing in search, and engineer the best approach to get your website to the top of search engine results.

But we get it: if your company has never had an SEO audit before, it can be tricky to know what to expect. Don't worry - we're here to help you not only survive but to thrive, every step of the way.

First things first: our free audit is open to all business owners in Dallas, TX and throughout the rest of the state. That means if you're running an online company, bricks and mortar store, service-based business or anything in between, you're eligible.

To get started, fill in our form. It really is that simple. Tell us your name (first, last and your company name), as well as a few things about your business and your previous digital activities. Our SEO experts will then take this information and use it to understand how your current search engine game plan is performing and where there's room to improve.

Once we've received your request for an SEO digital audit, you'll get a free 30-minute call with a Growth Guru. After this, we'll do some comprehensive online research of our own and audit your website. We'll conduct a technical audit to check if your website's foundations are all up to scratch, including site speed, redirects, website structure, the mobile-friendliness of your web design and web development, and more. At the same time, our Gurus will do an On-Page Audit of your content marketing, internal linking, keyword research, metadata, headings and subheadings, and image optimization. We'll also do an Off-Page Audit of your backlink profile, and see where your Dallas TX competitors are ranking in a Competitor Analysis.

Using this information, we provide you with a detailed SEO analysis, along with a list of recommendations that can be implemented for improved rankings and organic traffic. This process takes between 2-4 weeks depending on where you’re currently at with your digital marketing.

Ready to unlock the secret to more sales and watch your business thrive? Claim your FREE audit today or call us on our (855)%20871-5474 phone number to learn more.
What do you do when you’re looking to find the best plumber close to your home? Or trying to find a Dallas florist who can deliver tomorrow? Or maybe you need a good bookkeeper who can come to your office once a month? You turn to Google to find the best results in your area.  This is local SEO at play. 

Now more than ever, people are using search engines, especially on mobile and smart home devices, to find local businesses and services.  Getting to the top of search listings in your region is the best way to lay down the welcome mat. To direct real customers to your door you need to engineer in a location-based SEO marketing strategy with highly relevant, focused information around product availability, opening hours, and directions. 

If you want greater SEO exposure in Dallas, you need a geo-targeted approach that will put you ahead of the competition. With our local SEO service and tailored strategy, Google will start to associate your business or niche with a certain region, boosting you to the top of the rankings, uncovering your local profile, and lifting your bottom line. Our Dallas search experts will engineer a data-driven campaign so beat your competitors in Dallas TX.

Let's increase your sales.

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