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Crush your sales targets faster and generate long-term growth with bulletproof Google Shopping campaigns. Partner with a trusted agency and put your products in the spotlight — then sit back, and watch the sales roll in.
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Have been working with OMG for the past 18 months. After a period of inconsistent account management and reporting, OMG have evolved to be trusted partners and proactively deliver valuable SEO insights. Can highly recommend Emily and Danny for their professionalism and communication skills
Maurice Peigna - Digital Growth Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013 across multiple retail brands. Measurable results and advice to further grow the business. The team at OMG are personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work and success that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver.
Calvin Klein
Karleitia Bodlovic - Digital Marketing Head
The team at OMG are super lovely to work with and in a short amount of time have been able to deliver above and beyond what we originally expected. Looking forward to our continued partnership!
Katherine Bond - Brand Manager
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Great group of knowledgeable people who are able to create SEM and SEO strategy for maximum impact! Easy to work with and I would highly recommend.
Windsor Smith
Kathryn Dawson-lee - Marketing Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013. The team at OMG are incredibly personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work, success and top down approach that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver time and time again. I am confident to recommend OMG.
PVH Brands
Patrick DiLoreto - Ecommerce manager

Convert clicks into sales with a targeted Google Shopping campaign.

Ready to catapult your online sales into the stratosphere? Good. With a Google Shopping campaign, you’ll send conversions through the roof and hit your sales goals year after year, after year.

Google Shopping is simultaneously the largest profit-turning opportunity for online retailers, and one of display advertising’s biggest untapped resources. With a Google Shopping campaign, your products appear as a display ad at the top of Google’s search result pages. Let’s be honest: what’s more compelling than your product in front of the world’s biggest audience? And yet, many online retailers overlook it as part of their PPC strategy — leaving plenty of room for you to win more sales and crush your competitors.

As trusted experts in eCommerce advertising, we’ve helped a ton of happy clients put their product up in lights, from household retailers to fast-growing local businesses. Our gurus will work with you to set up your google account feed and manage the process from start to finish, from submission to ad creation, bidding and reporting. With your products and our deep knowledge of Google tools and targeting capabilities, you’ll be bringing in more sales before you know it.

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Meet Emily, the Guru Behind 231% Increased Revenue from SEO + PPC
Dominate search with Shopping ads, and shift sales into overdrive.

Picture it now: your product front and center in front of millions of shoppers who are ready to buy. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. With a top-notch Google Shopping campaign and feed optimization, you’ll get your product in front of a convenience-loving audience that’s ready to buy.

Google Shopping allows you to sell your products directly on the world’s #1 search engine. When a user searches for a specific product, Google Shopping ads appear at the top of search results, complete with the prices and places to buy, product name, image and brand name. It is basically like Google’s comparison shopping service, you can even buy directly on Google!.  If you’re in eCommerce, Google Shopping is THE advertising platform to use for maximum exposure and record revenues. 

Why? 85% of all product searches start on Google or Amazon. If you‘re top-of-mind from the start, you have a higher chance of converting searches into website clicks — and ultimately, sales. But more importantly, Google Shopping is an intent powerhouse. It connects your product to an audience at the exact moment they’re ready to purchase. Talk about powerful stuff.

Plenty of advertisers disregard Google Shopping, and put all their eggs into the search and google display network basket. Their mistake is your advantage. Get maximum exposure with Google Shopping, thanks to our Google gurus. We combine our understanding of the customer journey with our to craft Shopping ads that audiences can’t help but click. Get your customers clicking on the cart icon and let the conversions begin. 

Partner with the best to crush your sales targets.

It’s not just about what you know. It’s who you know. Gain the upper hand over your competition with a little help from our friends.Running a Google Shopping campaign requires an in-depth knowledge of paid search marketing AND eCommerce. Luckily, we’ve got that in spades. On top of being the best-rated marketing agency for PPC and a Google Premier Partner, we’re tight with all the major e-Commerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. We always have our finger on the pulse of new eCommerce trends, insights and best practices — and harness these to create killer Shopping campaigns that deliver jaw-dropping results.We’ve got your PPC, SEO and social media advertising covered. But we also have partnerships with industry guns in content marketing, web design and development, CRO and more. Nail every part of digital marketing and ensure your online presence is primed for conversion, rankings and lead gen.

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Maximize your PPC with our services

Turn up the dial on conversions. Stop wasting money on non-converting clicks. Make your search ads work harder and smarter for sales with our PPC management services.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Google Shopping is an advertising opportunity that allows you to sell products from your eCommerce store directly on Google. When someone searches for a specific product on Google, product listing ads pop up at the top of search results. These boxes include images, prices, the product name, retailer name. If the searcher clicks on an ad, they’re directed to the advertiser’s eCommerce site.

So how does it work?

Think of Google Shopping as a marketplace. Google has a massive Merchant Center where retailers upload their product ‘feed’ to a central database. Think: product titles, description, price, stock, ISBN and more. When someone types in their search, Google scans their data feed to select the products with the most relevant, complete data and the highest quality score. These are then shown to users in their search listings.

Google Shopping is part of the Google Ads network, so you pay based on a pay per click (PPC) model. You need both a Google Ads account and a Google Merchant Center account to get the ball rolling. Once this is done, upload your feed into the platform and link your Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts. From there, you can begin building Google Shopping Ads into your Google Ads account.

It sounds straightforward, right? It is — and it isn’t. Because a lot needs to happen behind the scenes if you want to get the best ROI from your advertising spend. 76% of all retail ad spend goes to Shopping ads. Your feed needs to be primed if you want your ad to pop up. That’s why we’re here.

We exist to help you get maximum value from your Google Shopping campaign. Our gurus know Shopping ads are critical for success. That’s why we’re not satisfied unless we turn your Shopping campaign into a massive revenue-generating machine.

Armed with our insane in-depth knowledge of Google Shopping and Merchant Center, you can be confident your products will appear in front of searchers at the exact moment they’re looking to buy. We’ll work with you to upload a product feed that’s irresistible to customers, and shoots your campaign ROI through the roof.
Tap into different kinds of ads to promote your product and skyrocket your revenue. There are three different ad types available on Google Shopping: Product Shopping ads, Showcase Shopping ads and Local catalog ads. The one you use depends on your product and your advertising goals.

The most common ad type available is the Product Shopping ad. These are based on the feed you submitted to Google Merchant Center. When a user searches for a specific product keyword, your product will pop up along with its image, price, brand name and star rating. Shoppers can click through directly to your eCommerce site to learn more, add items to their basket and check out.

But sometimes there’s more than one product that meets a shopper’s needs. Rather than pick and choose, you can group related products together and show them to searchers using Showcase Shopping ads. This is all done by creating a new ad group in your Shopping campaign. The best part is that clicks to expand the Showcase ad are free: so you’ll only pay when a user clicks on one of your products.

Thankfully, Google hasn’t overlooked the good old local store. Local catalog ads are the perfect option to convert online visitors into offline sales. Local catalog ads use product data from your local products feed, which can be uploaded directly into the Merchant Center. When a shopper is searching for products that are local, your local catalog ads will appear at the top of search results along with a marker showing your store distance and how many items you’ve got in stock. All this makes it easy for shoppers to pay a visit to your physical store, so you can lock down the sale.

To make the most out of Google Shopping, you need to pick the right ad type and prime your feed to appear in relevant results. This is where we come in.

We’ll help you show the right products to shoppers with eye-catching product listings that deliver stellar sales results. From your product description to your images and local inventory, we’ll optimize your feed for maximum clicks and record revenue. With their vast knowledge of Google tools and ads, and hands-on experience working on thousands of Shopping campaigns, our gurus will prime your inventory to get more clicks. It’s all done to get you what you’re after: massive revenue shifts.

Let’s get one thing straight. If you run an ecommerce or retail business, you cannot afford not to be on Google Shopping. End of story.

Google Shopping is a high-converting powerhouse that can skyrocket eCommerce sales. A user who sees all the information about your product and THEN clicks through to your website clearly has a higher intention to buy than one who stumbled onto your online store another way.

A report by Shopify revealed 85% of all product searches start either on Amazon or Google. Google Shopping gets your product in front of potential customers from the very beginning stages of their journey. If they know who you are, it’s easier to engage with them with your other marketing actions, such as remarketing. Get more leads in your database, then drive them to convert with powerful messaging.

Google Shopping ads also drive 85% of all retail ad clicks on Google Ads or Shopping campaigns. This isn’t an ad campaign your audience will gloss over while scrolling down to organic results. When you show searchers exactly what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to click through. Ultimately, this means more qualified traffic, which in turn leads to a higher conversion rate.

And if you’re a bricks-and-mortar retailer, don’t write off Google Shopping just yet. There’s good news: it’s still worth it. With Local Inventory Ads, you can direct customers straight to their nearest store to seal the deal in person.

But Google Shopping is only worth it if you put the time and energy into it. In theory, it’s as simple as hooking Google Shopping up to AdWords, and launching a campaign. As we said, that's the theory. In reality, if you want incredible ROI from Shopping, you need to seamlessly manage three key components: Product Feed, Google Ads Campaign Structure and Bidding. Hit these out of the park, and you’ll get more orders coming in than you can keep up with.

In particular, your feed is at the core of your campaign’s success. It’s not like Google Ads. Bid strategies aren’t the only thing that counts. Google rates the quality and completeness of your individual product data. If this isn’t complete in your feed, your product won’t show up for searches and you’ll get lost in the great big Google-verse. But it’s not all doom and gloom. As one of the best Shopping agencies, OMG sets your Google campaign up to succeed. When we work together, magic happens. And by magic, we mean that beautiful sound: cha-ching.

We’ll show you how to master Merchant Center and maximize your reach among ready-to-buy shoppers. Our gurus draw on their deep understanding of Google Shopping management, as well as extensive keyword and market research, to strategically optimize your feed. We’ll also send through monthly reporting on your feed management, so you know what’s working. With irresistible product descriptions and a complete listing, Google’s algorithm will fall in love with your product and put you in the limelight. Let the orders roll in.

Want to increase sales using Google Shopping management? If you’re itching to get started, the good news is: it’s easy. Tell us a little bit about your business by filling out the form below, and one of our Growth Gurus give you a quick call to get a better understanding of your strategy, goals and opportunities. After this, we’ll get to work crafting a FREE Digital Audit and Strategy, just for your business. You’ll get a 50+ page audit with insights on your current campaigns, as well as a 6-month strategy detailing concrete steps to crush your digital and bring in more revenue.

There are absolutely no obligations and no catches. It’s all about results. We’re all about helping you grow your online presence and reach new levels of sales growth.

Sounds good? Great. We can’t wait to work with you. Get ready for more sales than you can handle.

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