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Have been working with OMG for the past 18 months. After a period of inconsistent account management and reporting, OMG have evolved to be trusted partners and proactively deliver valuable SEO insights. Can highly recommend Emily and Danny for their professionalism and communication skills
Maurice Peigna - Digital Growth Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013 across multiple retail brands. Measurable results and advice to further grow the business. The team at OMG are personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work and success that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver.
Calvin Klein
Karleitia Bodlovic - Digital Marketing Head
The team at OMG are super lovely to work with and in a short amount of time have been able to deliver above and beyond what we originally expected. Looking forward to our continued partnership!
Katherine Bond - Brand Manager
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Great group of knowledgeable people who are able to create SEM and SEO strategy for maximum impact! Easy to work with and I would highly recommend.
Windsor Smith
Kathryn Dawson-lee - Marketing Manager
I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013. The team at OMG are incredibly personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work, success and top down approach that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver time and time again. I am confident to recommend OMG.
PVH Brands
Patrick DiLoreto - Ecommerce manager

Double tap on Instagram advertising and skyrocket your sales.

Get in front of your audience and win them over with a targeted Instagram advertising strategy that delivers real-world results. With a user base of over a billion active monthly users and an estimated potential advertising reach of 849 million according to Hootsuite, Instagram is the ultimate social media platform to capture floods of new customers and supercharge your ROI.

Why? It comes down to this: Instagram is an extremely effective way to put your brand at your audience’s fingertips. Studies from HootSuite show that 81% of users use Instagram to research products and services, and 130 million users tap on shopping posts every month. When you run ad campaigns on Instagram, you’re selling to a hyper-engaged audience that’s ready to convert. Plus, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you have access to comprehensive targeting options designed to pinpoint your audience and maximize ROI.

Our gurus work with you to craft compelling Instagram ad campaigns that make a true impact on your revenue and boost brand awareness. After all, an Instagram account isn’t just about likes. We’ll help you unlock the power of social media marketing to generate REAL business results.

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Meet Emily, the Guru Behind 231% Increased Revenue from SEO + PPC
Transform your Instagram into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Most Instagram advertisers are all about growing hearts, followers and comments. But if you’re not winning new customers and boosting your revenue, you’re not unlocking the full potential of Instagram advertising. That’s where we come in. We’ll create and execute a targeted Instagram strategy that’s laser-focused on generating exceptional returns for your business.

We’re all about precise campaigns that deliver results. Our gurus know Instagram like the back of their hand. Every element of your Instagram ad campaign is carefully designed to create a funnel that converts casual browsers into engaged buyers. Tap into Instagram’s incredible targeting to pinpoint potential customers at the prime moment. Then seal the deal with an eye-catching, urgent call-to-action — and watch your ROI shoot through the roof. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We adopt a unique, evidence-based approach that’s laser-focused on performance. Our Instagram gurus are constantly testing and tweaking your campaign to maximize results. Plus, we’re fully transparent when it comes to reporting, so you know exactly what’s working for your business.

Crush conversion targets with a little help from our friends.

Smash sales goals with the world’s best team on your side. When you work with us, you’re tapping into an extensive global network of digital marketing experts that will prime your strategy for maximum conversions and ROI.

We have tight-knit partnerships with world-leading digital platforms, including AdRoll, Google and Facebook Ad Manager. Our gurus harness these powerful industry links to get the inside scoop on best practices, trends and insights. The result? We’ll create an effective strategy that unlocks revenue-shifting results.

And while we’re laser-focused on building your social media advertising and optimizing your SEO and PPC, our partners will elevate everything else, from CRO to video, branding, PR, web design and development. Together we’ll connect the dots and create a digital ecosystem that works seamlessly to crush your sales targets, time and time again.

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Drive sales with social media advertising.

Build your brand AND boost your bottom line with integrated strategies that reach huge audiences. Unlock more revenue and crush sales targets with our social media advertising services.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Plain and simple: Instagram is one of the most effective social media advertising platforms out there. According to TechCrunch, the platform has over a billion monthly active users, and half of its user base are on the platform every single day. That’s a whole lot of eyeballs for your business.

But Instagram users aren’t just scrolling mindlessly. Studies show Instagram users are an incredible 58 times more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to Facebook. When you share an Instagram post or Instagram Stories, your audience is more likely to listen to, and interact with, your business. What’s more, they’re likely to convert: according to Hootsuite, 11% of American social media users shop on Instagram. With such an enormous base of regular, engaged users who are ready to buy, the sky’s the limit when it comes to boosting your revenue using Instagram ads.

But here’s the thing. The magic won’t happen overnight. High-performance Instagram ad campaigns are built upon solid foundations, then fine-tuned over time. It takes testing and optimization to figure out prime your messaging and targeting to skyrocket your ROI from Instagram ads. You need to have a sharpshooting advertising agency on board to deliver an effective campaign that’s primed to unlock results.

As the best-rated Instagram advertising agency, we’ve helped thousands of businesses create ad campaigns that generate incredible revenue AND impressive ROI. We settle for nothing but the best for your business, and won’t stop until we’re generating the maximum return on your social media advertising budget.

So how do we do it? We work closely with you to understand your campaign objective, and drill down your target audience. Then, we use our extensive suite of tools and our industry-leading partnerships to ensure we show your ads to the right people — and hit them with the most relevant messaging and ad format at just the right moment. Finally we seal the deal with an urgent call-to-action that wins your audience’s heart AND their wallet. We’ll track every metric, from video views and engagement to purchases and app installs, then use our secret to social media advertising success: testing. Our Instagram gurus deep dive into your digital data to uncover the insights that will cut through to your audience, give your campaign the edge and deliver phenomenal ROI.
It used to be that you could put up your content up on Instagram, and trust that your followers would see it at some point. But since being bought by Facebook, Instagram has slowly adapted their newsfeed algorithm to handle the massive amounts of content that are uploaded every second. Sharing single images on your brand’s Instagram just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to truly harness Instagram to reach your audience, you need to complement your organic social media strategy with paid advertising.

Instagram advertising is perfect for brands because it allows you to maximize reach, while simultaneously honing in with laser precision on your target audience. What does this mean for you? More conversions, and a whole lot of brand awareness.

Second only in size to Facebook, Instagram’s billion-strong user base means there’s a huge pool to cast your net in. Not all one billion users are going to be within your target audience. However, you can bet a large chunk will be — which means you can put your brand in front of millions AND rake in the sales.

However, any successful business needs to have more than just a stand-out message to get killer ROI. Effective digital marketing is getting your message out there to an audience that’s ready to buy. Since it’s owned by Facebook, Instagram has an impressive suite of targeting tools and ad formats, from carousel ads to Stories ads and video ads. Pinpoint your audience by honing in on their location, hobbies, interests, age and life events, or create lookalike audiences based on your current customers. Then target them with powerful campaigns that accompany them through the entire customer journey, from awareness to conversion. Better targeting + impactful messaging = sales, sales, sales.

Sounds great in theory. But how can you apply it in practice and reap the real-world benefits ASAP? Launching an Instagram campaign may seem simple. Yet without the help of an experienced agency, it’s often stressful and difficult to get the results you deserve. You need to figure out your strategy, work your way around Power Editor, nail your ad creatives and craft a solid targeting approach. And it doesn’t stop once your campaign is live: you need track data and gather insights to continually fine-tune and test new formats (such as an Instagram Story ad), messages and targeting approaches for even better results. Unless you have the resources and experience to dedicate to Instagram, you’ll end up wasting time and budget setting things up, rather than focusing on testing and optimizing your campaigns for conversions. But keep calm. We’ve got you covered.

Work with the best social media advertising agency, and we’ll get you up and running within days. We first get to know your business, your digital marketing goals and your audience. Once we’ve got this, we bring in the big guns: our gurus. Our Instagram gurus use their industry knowledge and extensive experience to create your Instagram ad, and get your campaign off to the best start possible. From there, we’ll focus on tweaking the targeting and creative to deliver even better results.

No need to stress about ticking the right boxes. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.
As much or as little as you want! The beauty of Instagram advertising is that it’s scalable. If you’re a local business or start-up, you can drive significant results with minimal ad spend by taking advantage of Instagram’s impressive targeting capabilities. A laser-focused Instagram ad campaign will help you reach local audiences, improve lead generation and boost sales. As your business grows, you can gradually invest more.

On the other hand, if you’re a global company, it’s all about maximizing revenue and crushing the competition. With more ad spend and a rock-solid Instagram advertising strategy, you’ll reach a bigger audience and stay top-of-mind with your customers.

Need some real numbers to play with? Expect to pay anywhere between $0.20 to $3 per click.

But the REAL question to ask isn’t how much it costs to advertise on Instagram. It’s about the return you’re going to get from your advertising. 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing an ad on the platform. Done right, you have a higher chance of getting traffic and conversions from an Instagram advertising campaign.

Work with our sharpshooting gurus to squeeze out the best return from your Instagram ad budget, and grow your revenue. We use our expertise and unique, evidence-based approach to fine-tune your campaigns — and deliver seriously impressive ROI.
First things first. Facebook and Instagram both offer an incredible suite of advertising options. Social media advertising is an incredibly cost-effective and versatile advertising tool that can shift your digital marketing into overdrive. So which is better? Ultimately, the answer depends on your goals and your strategy.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks out there, with over 2.7 billion active users. If you’re looking for sheer reach, Facebook advertising can deliver. After all, it reaches almost a third of the world’s population. But while Instagram’s user base is less than half of Facebook’s, its users are generally more engaged — often leading to a lower cost-per-click, higher conversion rate and better ROI.

When it comes to targeting, both have similar (and equally powerful) capabilities because Instagram is owned by Facebook. However, one of the big differences is that Instagram advertising has to be done in an app, while Facebook advertising covers all devices. If you’re choosing just one platform, it’s important to consider where your audience spends the most time, and when you want to reach them.

In most cases, businesses benefit by using the two in tandem, rather than picking just one. Your Facebook page and Instagram profile are linked, which means your advertising can be linked too. It’s easy to run campaigns across both platforms, and harness the benefits of each to boost your ROI. It’s all about testing, learning, and optimizing your ad spend and messages to find out what gets the best results for you.

If you’re wondering how to balance your Instagram or Facebook advertising, our FREE Digital Audit and Strategy will give you the insights you need to build a rock-solid strategy. Just tell us a bit about your business, and our gurus will recommend the right mix of channels and advertising techniques for revenue-boosting results.
Simple! Fill out the form below, and one of our Growth Gurus will be in touch to arrange a quick 30 minute strategy call to learn more about your brand and your goals. After that, we’ll hook you up with a FREE $2,000 Digital Audit and Strategy, tailored for your business, as well as a six month digital marketing strategy designed to generate real revenue. It’s easy, and on top of that, it’s free. No catch — only results.

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