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The Challenge

Our Seniors Guide is a Florida-based multimedia company representing retirement communities, assisted living, nursing centers/ rehabilitation, in-home care as well as valuable resources, products and services for anyone 55+. 

Our Seniors Guide want to help seniors and their adult children by making the process smoother and easier when dealing with difficult questions that arise about senior care facilities by ensuring that they have all the resources they need to make informed decisions.

Having dipped their toes into digital marketing and optimized their site with an in-house web developer, Our Seniors Guide was seeking greater expertise and direction for their marketing strategy. They looked to partner with an external agency which could help them reach their ambitious growth goals.

As the nature of the company target’s an older demographic, they sought to understand if digital was right. The Gurus were able to provide a free digital audit and strategy session which dived into search intent within the assisted living and retirement communities and showed the potential of a hyper-targeted PPC strategy.

The goal? To drive QUALITY traffic and leads. Our Gurus set to work on an initial three-month ad campaign which would form the new road to success.

Key problems

  • Needing to optimise conversion tracking for consistent data and insights
  • Operating in a sensitive industry with strict advertising guidelines
  • Wanting to create lasting relationships and grow revenue in a competitive environment
Case study date 10/22/20 6:45 AM

Our Approach.

When it comes to paid advertising there are three key phases to building a successful campaign - build, optimise, test and learn. For Our Seniors Guide, our PPC Gurus created a customized roadmap to improve quality score, gain relevant visibility, identify areas of opportunity in converting keyword groups while building audiences, and testing and developing the campaign with clear measures for success.

  • Build three ad campaign groups to take advantage of all features and align with best practices.
  • Determine the most relevant and effective keywords base don user intent to drive quality traffic and leads
  • Use geo-targeting and built smart audience groups to boost campaign KPIs
  • Set up conversion tracking to ensure the tracking of important actions so success could be accurately measured.
case study mockup our seniors guide

Breaking down a winning digital strategy


Laser-focused strategy and keyword research

Success starts with mapping out the route to take — which is why a comprehensive digital audit is our first priority. The Gurus combed through Our Seniors Guide Google Ad accounts, identifying key growth opportunities. Then we outlined exactly what steps to take, in order to reach their lead generation goals.

Our Gurus engineered a hyper-targeted paid campaign. To kick-off activity, we honed in on what seniors were actually looking for online in this industry with a focus on search intent.

This included mapping competitor activity, researching the most profitable keywords, and evaluating the best targeting. It meant evaluating the demand around ‘retirement’ vs ‘assisted living’, along with deciding the ideal messaging, geotargeting, and audiences targeting.

The result? More high conversions, a lower cost per click, and an influx of quality leads.


Finding creative solutions for age-old problems

OMG focused on building Adwords and remarketing campaigns which would drive two key metrics: calls and request forms submitted. As with all things we stumbled upon an obstacle in our path.

We couldn’t get all ads live due to sensitive language on-site against Google’s policy. So we launched an optimized landing page and focused our new 6-month strategy on driving ads to the page. It proved to be much faster and more responsive. Lead quality also improved as the form was protected against spam with a ReCaptcha box. OMG’s evidence-based approach means we never set and forget campaigns, which is a common pitfall.

We’re always on the ball which means rigorous optimisation and testing for the best performance ads. Our Gurus regularly reviewed keyword optimisation, monitored for bid adjustments, tested new campaigns, and switched off low-performing ads to focus budget on the best performers.

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