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How Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics Got a 19:1 Return on Ad Spend with PPC



More Clicks from PPC Ads


Decrease in Cost Per Conversion


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Average Return on Ad Spend

The Challenge

Founded in Fort Lauderdale, Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics is a contemporary range of cosmetic products by the American star makeup artist, Jennifer Bradley.

Drawing from her on-camera experience, makeup artistry and personal struggles with skin issues, Jennifer Bradley created her cosmetic company which consists of a Medical Grade Skincare Line and a Professional Cosmetic line for sensitive and problematic skin.

But as the pioneer of the brand, Jennifer Bradley knew it would be challenging to scale the digital arm of the business and drive consistent traffic to the website without an expert team. That’s where OMG came in. 

Jennifer Bradley partnered with OMG on first on an SEO campaign, then on a PPC campaign optimized for top placement for targeted search terms, Youtube Ads, and Google Shopping. This triad provided us with the opportunity to drive awareness, engagement, and sales to the site at scale. 

By targeting the right audience on Google, at the right time, we were able to help the company grow for both short and long term success, scale their budget and create an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 19:1.

Key problems

  • Capturing the attention of qualified Gen Y shoppers in a well-established, hyper-competitive marketplace
  • Experienced with Facebook, but needed to know how to utilise PPC to their advantage.
  • Looking to increase online traffic leading to purchases, average order values and number of orders
  • Lack of analytics data reducing eCommerce customer insights from a browse to purchase step experience.
Case study date 10/21/20 11:16 PM

Our Approach.

Growing an eCommerce business in an overly saturated marketplace and becoming a stand out brand in your niche requires a data-driven strategy that targets each stage of the customer journey. We stepped up to the challenge and our Gurus crafted a search engine marketing campaign that would drive awareness, clicks and conversions. Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics is finding success online with a multi-channel approach that has driven waves of new sales and happy returning customers online with Google Search Ads, YouTube, Google Shopping, and Remarketing.

  • Developing a top and middle of the funnel strategy to foster relationships with new users and drive brand awareness
  • Four-pronged approach to search ads promote the category, products, sales and brand.
  • Finetuned Youtube Advertising campaigns that facilitate impressions and align new audiences with Jennifer Bradley's cosmetics brand.
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This company helped to launch my business into outer space. I know this sounds like a weird review, but.... Here goes: I have had a million SEO companies approach me to work with me. I hired one, they did absolutely nothing for me. I was so burnt on the entire process, and very skeptical.

When I knew that I needed SEO for my company, I searched and searched for the very BEST, and stumbled upon OMG. I met with Danny personally, and we all discussed my goals/dreams for my business, which were, to be very frank, they were rather big, and would seem to someone else completely impossible. We not only achieved those goals, we went above and beyond. My company went from having zero presence online to #1 on Google in organic search. We literally cannot keep product in stock to handle the demand. I highly recommend OMG. They are STELLAR.

Above and beyond amazing. If you want to go to the moon, they will take you there and back. Thank you so much for all you have done for my business!
Jennifer Bradley - Founder
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Let the numbers do the talking

By first deep diving into the industry landscape and our client’s business, we can engineer and execute a PPC strategy that skyrockets sales. Time and again, OMG has delivered sustainable eCommerce results for Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics. Over 500% return on ad spend and a 5500% increase in revenue from paid advertising alone. And as we keep scaling campaigns, results just keep getting better.

Breaking down a winning strategy


Building a foundation for success.

When it comes to growing an eCommerce brand, a strong website foundation is where it all begins. That's why our first priority was auditing Jennifer Bradley’s website to understand the customer journey, optimize the conversion path, and find new opportunities for success.

Early on, for example, we tweaked conversion tracking to ensure the right customer actions were getting tracked on the website. This bolstered our ability to steer the direction of campaigns and scale what was working thanks to more reliable data and insights. Best of all, the website audit was then aligned with our rigorous industry, competitor and keyword research.

The goal? To identify the most competitive, profitable and relevant keywords for their beauty niche business, and then optimise the search marketing ad campaigns around these areas.

Now 20 months in and we're still seeing a positive uplift in sales and lower cost per acquisition.


Integrating paid channels to achieve revenue goals.

For the Gurus, success is determined by the business goals set by our clients. Simply put: if they’re winning, we’re succeeding. That's why getting to know what drives a business, what their competitors are doing and what trends are shaping the industry is an integral part of the onboarding process.

Once we intimately know what they're hoping to achieve, the areas that are most profitable and have strong growth potential, we apply our years of digital expertise and knowledge to formulate a plan that actually works.

What does this mean for you? Customers that actually convert. Typically, generating revenue results online isn't so much about choosing one paid advertising channel. But starts with fine tuning how your channels work together to create a top, middle, and bottom of the funnel strategy. Timely and targeted PPC campaigns reach click-happy customers with products and sales they can't resist.

For Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics, that meant using Search, YouTube and Google Shopping to drive traffic, clicks and conversions with an average of 19:1 ROAS across all channels. The results? An continuous increase in monthly orders, average order value, and new users. And that's just the beginning!


Testing and optimizing to help PPC strategy succeed.

It goes without saying, clicks, conversion rate, and the cost-per-conversion are three of the most significant PPC metrics.

As a conversion-focussed campaign, our Gurus built a strong foundation with targeted Google Ads campaigns. As the skincare and cosmetics industry is incredibly competitive and often pivoting to new consumer trends, testing and optimizing keyword selection and ad copy was at the heart of the campaign.

To ensure that each ad on the website was performing, the Gurus tested dynamic ads each month to measure engagement and conversion rates then made adjustments as necessary. We were able to hit the sweet spot to deliver the maximum return on investment each month.

In 12 months, Jennfier Bradley Cosmetics saw their conversion value soar to 4,400% and go from 4-digit to 6-digit monthly revenue.

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