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How Physician’s Choice Made 250% More Organic Revenue in 12 Months



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Increase in organic traffic


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The Challenge

Physician's Choice provides science-backed supplements like Ashwagandha, Probiotics, Collagen, and Meriva directly to consumers through its Shopify website alongside sites like Amazon. Their ethos is ‘if we wouldn’t take it, we don’t make it’. And with a clear focus on creating safe, high-quality products, the brand has rapidly expanded in the USA.

Since the first sale in March 2017, Physicians Choice's supplements generated over $30 million in revenue in 2 years, emerging as a growing independent player in the multi-billion dollar health and wellness industry.

Despite being a leading supplement brand owned by serial entrepreneur Logan Chierotti, they're still competing in one of the toughest, customer-diverse markets in the world.

With Amazon as their dominant sales acquisition channel, Physician’s Choice was on a mission to grow and scale up as fast as they could by increasing their online presence and growing their customer base.

They wanted to revamp their organic strategy and sell from the website as their #1 source of revenue.

Our expert Gurus engineered a Shopify SEO campaign to set to spark unrivalled success.

In 12 months, the results show our data-driven and innovative SEO campaign has supercharged organic sales.

Key problems

  • Hyper-competitive niche market with dominant eCommerce brands and deep pockets
  • Wildly successful on Amazon but website wasn't attracting enough organic traffic and conversions
  • Low domain authority, rankings and visibility
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Our Approach.

To create a seriously profitable and scalable SEO campaign for Physician’s Choice, we kicked off with a comprehensive digital audit of their Shopify website, competitors tactics, and consumer research. This enabled us to understand their business, market landscape, and target audience alongside and identify the best opportunities that would provide sustainable, long-term and high ROI using technical, onsite and offsite SEO strategies.

  • Domain authority-building strategy leveraging quality targeted link building
  • Optimization of website and content structure, involving keyword research and mapping, resolving duplicate content and schema implementation
  • Click-through rate optimization and using metadata testing
  • Carving out new audiences and opportunities through content marketing
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Physician's Choice
Ariana Cuadra - Digital Marketing Manager
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First page visibility for explosive results

In the growing vitamin and mineral supplements industry, the most profitable keywords are the most competitive. Proven SEO strategies boosted Physician Choice’s search engine rankings - moving keywords from ranking in positions in the 50’s and 60’s to page #1. 

Breaking down a winning strategy


Laser-focused keyword targeting

Our mission is to align our SEO strategy with our client’s business goals. For high impact wins, our Gurus used onsite and technical optimization to target profitable short and longtail keyword opportunities for 5 key categories -- probiotics, collagen, ashwagandha, apple cider vinegar, and meriva.

We found that men and women search for supplements and health items in thousands of different ways and created a keyword strategy based on a data driven approach that took search intent and search volume into consideration.

Since launching 12 months ago, we’ve been able to boost the number of keywords ranking on page #1 from 79 to 205. And gain valuable positions on page #1 and #2 across all four key categories for highly competitive terms such as “collagen peptides” with 100K monthly searches and “probiotics for women” with 40K monthly searches.


Identifying new performance opportunities

As part of our ongoing SEO campaign, we focused on several areas of website performance.

One crucial focus area for onsite SEO is site structure, information architecture, and user experience. Using a ‘Hub and Spoke’ content strategy to create content silos, we then implemented internal links, a smart URL structure, and breadcrumbs to create a strong onsite SEO foundation. This ultimately allowed us to target long tail keyword opportunities and capture a wider audience of people interested in supplement products.

A technical audit revealed several important SEO opportunities which allowed us to improve site speed and resolve errors before they impacted site performance.


Building a trustworthy, authoritative website

Domain authority is a crucial factor for increasing your eCommerce store’s search engine visibility. Google values relevant and trustworthy information — so Google will favour more reputable, authoritative websites and optimised webpages.

That's where a hyper-targeted quality offsite strategy becomes your golden ticket. Our dedicated team of Gurus devote their time to link building to boost domain authority, increase search engine visibility, and improve ranking signals to individual product pages.

Since starting with OMG, offsite SEO has proven valuable with the Physician's Choice website growing its authority from a Domain Rating (DR) of 20 to 31.


Turning browsers into click-ready buyers

Soaring to the top of search results is a challenge when there's high competition. But gaining clicks, traffic and sales is the ultimate goal.

Our Gurus tightened the title tags for each individual web pages to improve rankings for keywords. Next, optimisations to meta descriptions were implemented to adhere to best practice and testing was done monthly to improve click-through rates.

Another key area was the implementation of homepage, product, category and ratings schema, which enabled the Physician’s Choice website to appear in more search results — leading to more visibility, clicks and traffic.

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