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How Oransi Is Thriving Online With Powerful SEO and Content Marketing


94% YOY

Increase in organic revenue

33% YOY

Increase in organic traffic


Featured snippet positions generated


Monthly increase in non-branded traffic

The Challenge

Oransi is a leading retailer of HEPA air purifiers for indoor use. Suitable for homes and families, the company started with a mission to achieve clean and fresh air quality at home safely and naturally. As the father of an asthmatic son, Oransi CEO Peter Mann understood the limitations and saw the opportunity to change the status quo by making a high-quality air purifier on the market that would improve health and wellbeing. As a result, Oransi has thrived as a sustainable business for over 15 years.

Working with scientists and engineers to create top-rated HEPA and carbon filter technology, the Oransi team have helped tens of thousands of families across the USA enjoy better indoor air quality. From helping allergy suffers to improving breathing during the 2020 wildfires that swept across the Western United States, the customers’ needs are at the core of what Oransi stands for. 

For years Oransi were acquiring customers through paid channels. Because they didn’t rank for them, they had to include broad, informational, and top of the funnel keywords like “best air purifiers for pollen” in their paid campaigns. Knowing the potential for organic enquiries to convert for these profitable terms, Oransi decided to focus on growing their monthly organic traffic. 

To jumpstart the process, Online Marketing Gurus -- a consultancy agency specializing in marketing and SEO -- was brought in. The roadmap? A targeted keyword ranking and content marketing strategy with link acquisition, position tracking and technical SEO optimization.

Key problems

  • Reliance on paid channels as top conversion path requiring a new multi-channel approach to increase organic traffic, revenue and results.
  • Needing informational and educational content onsite to increase visibility and connect with consumers
  • Backlink profile consisting of a high number of low-quality backlinks requiring a tactical shift to high-quality domain links from editorial sites with 80+ DR.
  • Needing to address key areas for improvement across their onsite and offsite SEO strategy to capitalise on non-branded ranking and traffic potential.
Case study date 2/16/21 4:26 PM

Our Approach.

Understanding the impact that search and content marketing can have on a business, Oransi knew that they needed to improve their multi-channel strategy with a robust organic campaign. It is no secret that kickstarting an SEO campaign that delivers real ROI can be tricky. Luckily, the data enthusiasts at OMG were up for the challenge and set to work engineering a winning strategy that created quick wins, delivered medium growth opportunities and impacted long-term sustainable customer acquisition goals. 

  • Technical and onsite SEO campaign focusing on a highly profitable organic presence through site performance, valuable keyword rankings and non-branded search queries.
  • Content marketing, focusing on driving top-of-the-funnel customers to educational and informational content to nurture their purchasing decision.
  • Offsite SEO strategy to capitalise on ranking potential and increasing domain authority from quality backlinks.
Case study oransi
Have worked with OMG for a few years and they are top notch in getting results. I really appreciate that they do their work the right way so we are well positioned for future growth.
Peter Mann - CEO

Breaking down a winning strategy


Laser-focused SEO and content marketing delivers click-happy customers online.

Success starts with plotting the perfect route — which is why comprehensive technical website audits and keyword research are our priority. The Gurus raked through Oransi’s online presence, identifying key growth opportunities for valuable and profitable keywords and pages. Then we proposed exactly what steps to take, to reach their growth goals in the short, medium and longterm.

As part of their keyword strategy, we set to work on keyword mapping and rectifying keyword cannibalization — this would ensure we were delivering customers and clicks to where they really mattered most. This would ensure their product pages were best positioned to attract quality site-traffic.

To improve website performance, OMG focused on the short and long term changes that would create the most impact. This included updating metadata, creating an internal link structure and fixing broken links. A monthly health check continues to ensure the site is performing competitively on desktop and mobile.

Dedicated editorial link building to boost domain rating, page speed optimizations, reviews, and implementation of schema markup are at the core of the ongoing SEO growth strategy. Coinciding with this activity, we also reviewed page-by-page opportunities, such as advising on potential site architecture improvements for a better user experience and bolstering thin category pages with crucial content.

In just a year, the results are were delivering returns! 94% more organic conversions, 33% more organic visitors, and a wealth of new happy breathers. The best part? It’s not slowing down despite the challenging landscape! We’re thrilled to continue partnering with Oransi on real revenue results with digital marketing.


Keyword analysis to get ahead of fierce SEO competition.

The ability to generate volumes of organic traffic and stay a step atop of the competition means conducting keyword analysis. For Oransi, this meant creating targeted campaigns for search engines and increasing domain authority by choosing the right keywords.

To achieve this, we had to address the company’s core issue which was ranking for intended keywords: the ones their customers were searching for.

What we did was look beyond traditional keyword ranking factors, and took a more holistic approach in analysing their site. Once we worked our magic, Oransi had page 1 rankings for short-tail industry terms like ‘ionic air purifier’, ‘hepa vs ionic’, and ‘kids air purifiers’.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to really get to the core of customer pain points and provide the solution they needed. Once we worked our content magic, Oransi had top rankings for long-tail search terms like ‘how to prepare for a dust storm’, ‘air purifier for winter’, ‘best air purifier for smoke’, and ‘do air purifiers work for odors’.


Powerfully optimized content for digital success.

Dare we say that quality content is the most important SEO element of a webpage? The term content is king is thrown around a lot. But engagement is the queen. When it comes to SEO success, content is the most obvious place to start connecting with customers. Creating a robust content roadmap for Oransi would put them front and center of their online customers and engage them with information and education.

Setting a solid foundation for Oransi meant crafting content that was relevant and unique to user intent using FAQs, glossaries, guides, and resources. This strategy would increase non-branded top-of-the-funnel traffic from longtail and less competitive keywords. Content was Oransi’s biggest opportunity to catch the attention of their users, encouraging them to stay on the page for longer. In fact, Oransi’s best conversion path is Organic > Direct showing customers are coming through via a query and coming back to the site to make a purchase.

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