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How Ryderwear Made 150% More Revenue With SEO



Increase in organic revenue achieved


Increase in organic traffic achieved


ROI from organic search marketing

The challenge

The Ryderwear brand has built a reputation worldwide as "the ultimate definition of fitness plus fashion". Their iconic clothing caters to the "gym junkies, body builders and athletes" alike. 

And it all started with Founder David Lukic. Back in the 2000s, Lukic was a body builder who regularly struggled to find comfortable and fashionable clothing that fit his muscular figure.

"I would have to wear all these baggy clothes to the gym, so I just wanted something that would fit, and look good."

Simply put, there just weren't enough brands (if any) producing clothes geared toward weightlifters or shoes that assist growth. 

So after a few months of a marketing degree and a full time job as a security guard, Lukic took the plunge together with his wife Natalie. In 2009, this Aussie entrepreneur registered the Ryderwear business. In 2010, he launched the website. 

Since then, Ryderwear has gone global with a loyal customer base across Australia, USA and UK. 

As the years passed, the market became more and more saturated. On a mission to keep growing their presence and customer base, Ryderwear partnered with Online Marketing Gurus.

Our expert Gurus launched an international SEO campaign set to create serious impact. 

After 18+ months, the results speak for themselves. 150% more organic revenue, 140% more organic traffic, and a 20:1 ROI achieved. 


Key problems

  • Saturated and hyper-competitive market
  • International digital marketing presented unique challenges
Case study date 2/12/20 11:00 AM

Our Approach.

What does it take to make global impact? You'll need the right strategy and the right people onboard. For Ryderwear, that included the friendly Gurus at OMG. We created and implemented a custom strategy tailored to their goals. Plus, our Gurus have unique expertise in international SEO and digital marketing. 

  • Authority-building strategy involving quality and targeted link building
  • Optimization of website and content structure, involving technical and onsite SEO
  • Comprehensive gap analysis of competitors to identify strategic opportunities

First page visibility for explosive results.

In the competitive fitness and fashion industries, the most profitable keywords are also the most competitive. Proven SEO strategies boosted this client's search engine rankings - resulting in top 3 rankings for tough keywords including: 'gym wear', 'gym clothing', 'gym gear', 'gym apparel', 'womens gym wear', 'mens gym clothing', and many more.

Breaking down a winning digital strategy. 


Winning customers calls for trust.

Building a trustworthy and reliable reputation online is a crucial part of SEO. That's why building targeted, industry-specific, and high quality backlinks is highly useful. The more relevant backlinks can help your website rise to the top of rankings. For Ryderwear, we implemented ongoing manual outreach to boost awareness, rankings, and traffic.


The best websites attract AND convert customers.

Building and optimising a high performing website is a HUGE part of making revenue impact. Your website needs to attract AND convert all of your ideal customers. For Ryderwear, we implemented both technical and onsite optimisation. The result? Qualified traffic increased by 140%.


Innovation keeps you ahead of the curve.

With fierce competition and a crowded market, Ryderwear were constantly innovating to stay ahead. As part of this, OMG performed comprehensive analysis of top competitors, in order to uncover key growth opportunities.

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