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The Challenge

Zitsticka is a skincare brand, where beauty and technology have fused to create an innovative approach to resolving zits and red spots. The youthful newcomer to the fast growing industry launched online as a D2C business where they experienced rapid growth. 

It’s not common to see a beauty brand launching with only one product. Yet in the age of individualism, ZitSticka’s ability to formulate a hero product which better serves the special skin needs of each and every consumer is making a splash. Intensifying brand awareness spurred momentum as they expanded into US beauty retailers including Violet Grey, Anthropologie and Ulta Beauty. 

Already a $50 million market in Korea, ZitSticka saw huge potential to offer a new solution to 22-38-year-old US consumers with their superior dermatologically backed version of the acne sticker patch. 

The small but mighty team at ZitSticka were looking to partner with a local agency that could help them reach their massive growth potential, launch new products, and begin a sustainable SEO campaign that would lay the foundation to long-term success. 

We embraced this challenge by using our data-driven approach to increase their brand visibility and ultimately win them more consumers.

Key problems

  • Competing in one of the fiercest, customer-diverse industries in the world
  • Small ‘hero’ product base presented unique challenges to focus efforts
  • Natural sales cycle causing periodic ups and downs in revenue growth
  • Low website authority compared to competitors
Case study date 10/22/20 6:15 AM

Our Approach.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, Zisticka’s big growth aspirations required a strong foundation for game-changing success. Laser-focused eCommerce SEO strategies are the secret to standing out amongst your competitors online. A robust and comprehensive onsite, offsite, and technical search strategy was engineered to trigger meaningful online visibility, traffic, and ultimately sales.  

  • Comprehensive audit of the competitor landscape to find opportunities and “quick wins”
  • Keyword research and mapping based on relevance, demand, and competition
  • Content creation aligned with each stage of the customer journey to drive brand awareness, consumer engagement and online conversions
  • Strategic linkbuilding to increase the site’s domain authority and boost visibility
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First-page visibility for explosive growth

Driving targeted online traffic and keeping ahead of the competition is grounded in keyword growth. For Zitsticka, this meant optimizing the website for the search engines and increasing domain authority by choosing the right keywords in the “acne treatment” space. 

Breaking down a winning digital strategy


A deep-diving SEO competitor audit to unlock gaps and opportunities

A key element of thriving companies is their unparalleled industry expertise. That’s why it’s crucial to perform a competitor analysis and dive into the data to harness opportunities. To get to know Zitsticka’s market in detail, OMG spent a great length of time auditing what other rival website’s were doing.

SEO is like a marathon not a sprint. To gain a leg up on the competition meant we researched and mapped a seed list of non-branded keywords which were prioritised by profitability, relevance, and competition - fundamental for digital success. The result?

Zitsticka began edging in front of the competition - gaining coveted spots on page #1 of Google.


Laser-focused link building for increasing the most profitable and relevant rankings

An offsite SEO strategy is a huge step towards making serious gains. And it goes hand in hand with strengthening your online presence. Your eCommerce website must be built with high-quality backlinks in order to stay one step ahead. For Zitsticka, this meant building links from relevant, authoritative websites aligned with the keywords being targeted.

This type of SEO activity is essential for future success of your business and for Zitsticka it meant gaining a greater foothold from a strong online presence.

With consistent link building, their domain authority soared. We then increased their total indexation on Google from 150 keywords to 4,400 keywords, with over 100 keywords ranked in the Top 3 positions.


Perfectly optimised content for longtail success

Building an authoritative name in the industry is a crucial facet of SEO. But, how can you achieve this? For Zitsticka, it was about producing content that takes the user through the informative stage of the journey to the decision stage.

Early on, we noticed the opportunity to build out content which targeted important long tail keywords. These were less competitive but would support our goal: to turn traffic into transactions. That's why doubling down on the content front was at the core of our strategy. We optimised existing pages and launched new pages.

We also implemented internal linking optimization and schema markup to improve the way the pages were crawled and ranked.


Data-rich technical insights to supercharge a high-converting website

Technical SEO and onsite optimisation deliver game-changing results. OMG went through every part of a website, from metadata and pagespeed to schema markup and site architecture. Best of all, we performed this audit as part of our initial strategy scope, meaning we hit the ground running from the start.

Our Gurus bring years of digital marketing experience across 1,000+ companies, staying on top of the latest trends and technical best practices. For Zitsticka, we championed a website migration and two new product launches where rankings never dropped and search engine results stayed strong.

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