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Who we are

Who is Apollo.io?

Founded in 2015, Apollo is a leading data intelligence and sales engagement platform trusted by 20,000 paying customers, from rapidly growing startups to some of the largest global enterprises. Its community-based approach to crowdsourcing data gives users maximum coverage while ensuring data accuracy.

Today, Apollo's advanced algorithms and unique data acquisition methods help 1 million sales professionals enrich and analyze prospects' data to increase quality conversations and opportunities.

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How did it start?

Tim Zheng founded his first start-up, BrainGenie, in 2011.

We had built a great product but it was hard to grow our user base. We got stuck at around 5,000 users and although we bought a lot of sales tools, we were not moving the needle. So we decided to build our own sales prospecting tool and went from 5,000 to 150,000 users in just 5 weeks. We ended up having over a million users at BrainGenie just before I started Apollo. That's how Apollo.io was born.
Tim Zheng

CEO & founder

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Tim Zheng

CEO & Founder

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Ray Li

CTO & Founder

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