Security and compliance that your team can trust

Apollo’s platform is engineered for security and committed to information protection.

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ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified

Certified by leading third-party cybersecurity auditors.

GDPR compliant

Compliant as both a Data Processor and Data Controller. Learn more about Apollo’s adherence to GDPR here.

Encryption in transit 
and at rest

Both idle and active data is encrypted over public networks and in our databases.

Database security

Databases are built with 
multi-layer security including encrypted passwords, two factor authentication, intrusion detection systems, and VPC with strict firewall settings.

Integrations security

Integrated SaaS Services are authorized securely with OAuth2 and credentials are not stored for those services.

Privacy & safety features

Custom control to enable or disable privacy-impacting features based on your needs.

Penetration testing

Annual network and graybox application penetration tests are performed by a certified third party consultant.

Internal and external audits

Audits are carried out, quarterly, on access control, risk, information security, IT infrastructure, and HR procedures.

Data recovery

Regular data backup with a maximum 24-hour RTO and RPO.

Audits & certifications

Apollo’s mission is to create the most trusted and intelligent data-first engagement platform. Our robust technology and systems ensure customer data is fully secure. Our security is certified by leading 3rd-party auditors based on the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards.

ISO 27001

We are ISO 27001 certified by A-LIGN, a leading third party cybersecurity and compliance firm.


We are SOC-2 certified by A-LIGN, a leading third-party cybersecurity and compliance firm. Please contact our sales team for access to our complete SOC-2 Report.