Enrichment & job change alerts

Don’t miss any business opportunity

Apollo enriches your CRM records with accurate data for your target prospects, and lets you know when to reach out.

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Data enrichment


Completing the puzzle

Got a lead with just a name and email? Want to know secondary and tertiary attributes to help prepare for a call? Apollo’s Data Enrichment helps provide a full profile of information for you to work with. Help your sales team to succeed by giving them all the information they might need about a prospect.

Data Housekeeping

Data decay is estimated at 20% per quarter. Don’t let your sales team work with stale data. Apollo helps correct, append, and update your data to make sure you are working with information that is reliable, accurate, and up-to-date.

Be aware of changes in target accounts

Job change alerts

Fix stale contacts and track your champions

Apollo Refresh is a feature designed to help you capitalize on key contacts with whom you have a vested interest. Receive alerts and notifications when designated contacts change jobs or get promoted. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on new business opportunities that come with managerial changes in target accounts!

Enrichment methods

Flexible data application

Apollo’s 200+ firmographic and demographic fields for scoring, routing, research, analytics, and more can be applied across a variety of functions.

CRM enrichment

Update records in your CRM through regular syncs with Apollo.

CSV enrichment

Enrich a manually uploaded CSV file of records with Apollo’s information.

API enrichment

Use our REST API to enrich records programmatically.