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Filipe Brigas' Team Helps SafetyWing Reach $7M+ with Cold Calling and Automation

“Why not ZoomInfo? For me, it’s clear that it’s much easier to have a tool like Apollo that does both the lead generation and the email and phone automation rather than have it separately.”

How Built In Effortlessly Enriches 100k Accounts with Verified Data

“Apollo enriches everything we have: contacts, leads, accounts...And we don’t really have to touch it, it just works.”

Kinsta’s Apollo-Powered Sales Team Grows 350%

“Apollo has increased the likelihood that we are going to get someone on the phone or we are going to get someone to reply to an email.”

Predictable Revenue Pays 50% Less for a Tech Stack that Does More

“We’re getting higher reply rates, open rates are doubled, meetings are up, speed to booking a meeting is cut in half. This is the sales platform for people who want to do more with their outreach.” Skyrockets Sales Qualified Leads by 70% After Implementing Apollo

“Apollo is two platforms in one with the capabilities of Salesloft and Outreach, plus ZoomInfo. It saves us clicks, saves us time, and allows us to create automated sequences, something we struggled to achieve with our existing tech stack”

Why Census Replaced ZoomInfo + Outreach with Apollo

“We benchmarked ZoomInfo versus Apollo, Clearbit, Lusha, and Seamless, and ultimately Apollo won on all fronts, especially in enrichment. Higher quality than ZoomInfo, greater breadth than Clearbit.”

growth systemz
Growth Systemz saves 10 hours on prospecting each week

“Starting your own business is really about maximizing your time, and Apollo is a great tool to help you do that.”

BuzzCast builds their sales pipeline 4x faster

“Apollo really changed the way I approach prospecting. If you believe in using technology to be more efficient, then you should definitely try Apollo.”

Apex Staffing Increases Sales by 25% in Six Months

“Our KPIs are based on meetings booked and conversions to signed contracts. Apollo has helped us meet and exceed both of our goals this year.”

Optimove drives prospecting scale without manual work

“Apollo is truly cutting edge when it comes to providing a mechanism for us to continually get a better understanding of what targets are our best investment of budget and bandwidth.”

SaaSOptics (becoming Maxio) wins 15% more sales meetings

“We considered Zoominfo, which seemed great for enterprise-level companies, but Apollo was just so much better for SMBs. The ability to fit Apollo into our existing budget and stack while yielding clear results for our BDR team clearly made the most sense.”

Victorious &
Victorious unlocks 188% more meetings booked in one month

“We are incredibly thankful for Apollo. We’ve solved the biggest problem for every business, the lead problem. We don’t lack interested prospects.”

Kickfurther increases rep productivity 10x

“We love the interface, the experience, and most importantly...the results.”

Mailmodo increases connect rates by 50% and triples meetings

“Apollo has helped us find the best available data in the market along with ways to deeply segment that data and target the right audience.”

Hear from satisfied Apollo customers in every part of the go-to-market process

Apollo is the perfect tool to focus on pipeline and sales helps us to build a persona and a solid pipeline. [This is the] perfect sales tool and CRM management system.

Business Development Specialist

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

Excellent platform for my 
sales work

This platform is very useful for my work when I need to find contact numbers or emails and [they don’t] show up on other platforms. [Apollo provides] detailed descriptions too. Highly recommended!

Sales Director

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

Sales intelligence that drives real revenue

The ease of use, UX, and UI are on point. The reports from our campaigns are easy to access, and I can act rapidly based on the [real-time] results.

Business Development

Manager Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

Apollo is helping [us] grow through email strategies & marketing automation

We [now] rely on Apollo to help us with all of our main strategies from marketing to sales to content and [other specific] projects.

Head of Marketing

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

I wish I found Apollo earlier

Apollo is really simple to use. There's a ton of data available, and the filtering options are fantastic.

Director / Head of Marketing

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

Great tool for generating business leads

I really love Apollo for its ability to help generate leads. Personally, I have converted a lot of leads from Apollo and successfully generated good revenue in a short span of time.

Sales Marketing Assistant

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

Apollo tops them all

Using Apollo has been super easy. As the co-founder of a B2B company, finding verified business emails and first and last names is important to me; doing this with Apollo is easy. I tried other email sourcing platforms, however, Apollo tops them all.


Small-Business (50 or fewer employees

Helps my business grow

I was able to get potential customers’ emails in an easy and fast way in order to test new channels of marketing, increase our sales, and grow our business. I love the app. It’s very intuitive.


Small-Business (50 or fewer employees

Apollo just works

I’m more efficient using Apollo. It saves me time [that I would otherwise spend] looking for contact information on the Internet. It has all of the info I need to operate at a high level.

Founder, Podcast Host, and Content Creator

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees

Great source for finding prospects

Apollo is so easy to navigate and find contact information for leads.

Recruitment Account Executive

Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

The user interface is excellent

I love using Apollo for sourcing potential clients and being able to get valid email addresses [which] is essential to my job.

Recruitment Consultant

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

The best of the best

Apollo’s flawless integration with LinkedIn is fabulous. As a recruiter, I seem to have found a third hand.

State Relationship Manager

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

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