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Intelligent engagement for modern sales teams

Reach more people, set more meetings, close more deals. Apollo’s sales engagement features help sales teams reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

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Automate and accelerate

Apollo lets you automate emails, calls, and tasks to maximize efficiency and accelerate your sales pipeline. Optimize your engagement strategy with custom fields, safeguards, and automated rulesets personalized to fit your sales teams’ needs.

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Sales Engagement

Apollo in action!

Apollo’s sales engagement features are built to help sales teams build better workflows. We take care of the little things so Sales can focus on selling.


Automate and test your email outreach

End-to-end personalization

Improve engagement by adding a personal touch. Apollo offers pre-defined personalization tokens or use custom fields that fit your needs. Set-up personalized, multi-step sequences all from one dashboard.

Customized templates

Save time and scale your outreach efforts with easily customizable templates your entire sales team can use. Monitor how different templates perform to maximize outreach efficacy.

Split tests

Optimize messaging and increase reply rates without wasting time. Apollo lets you run A/B tests throughout individual sequences to quickly and confidently find the best subject line, hook, or any other variable you want to test.

Actionable engagement analytics

Other platforms might tell you open rate and reply rate. Apollo goes further and lets you know click rate, interest rate, and more detailed analytics you can actually use for better decision-making about your prospecting.


Built-in dialer


See a phone number you want to call? Instantly click-to-call prospects from anywhere and Apollo will take care of automatic recordings, transcriptions, and CRM logging so you’re always ready for that next touch point.

Direct dial phone numbers

Apollo’s integrated direct dial phone numbers are consistently rated the most accurate and reliable. Increase your connect rate and build dialing lists with phone numbers you can trust.

Local and international VOIP

Choose a phone number that fits your geographic needs. Apollo automatically logs call activity so you don’t have to manually update your CRM with each call.

Call recordings and intelligence

Apollo gives you the option to record your calls. Go beyond call recordings and utilize call transcriptions to coach sales reps, create training clips, and identify key strategies.


Task automation

Assign, manage, record

Don’t just limit your team to emails, calls, and task due dates. With Apollo, deeper research and information workflows on potential prospects can be optimized and automated too. Build credibility and increase conversions by equipping your team with better information.

Cross-channel workflows

Save time clicking between web pages and applications. Send LinkedIn InMail, pull up contact data, update a property in your CRM, and more. Apollo automatically generates tasks that can be completed from our interface.

Rules engine

Create cross-object rules that automatically take actions based on changes to stages, custom fields, activities, or other triggers at the Contact, Leads, or Account level for a truly tightly integrated sales process.

CRM integration

Apollo seamless integrates with your CRM so all activity and tasks completed within Apollo are logged properly in your CRM. Spend less time on housekeeping and more time doing what you do best.

Apollo integrates with your sales stack

Success stories

Apollo helps thousands of companies drive more revenue. Hear more success stories from companies like yours!




Positive reply rate


Increase in click rates

We love the interface, the experience, and most importantly… the results.

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Increased Meetings in First Month


Lift in outbound messaging activity

We are incredibly thankful for Apollo. We’ve solved the biggest problem for every business, the lead problem.

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Increase in Ad Clicks


Increase in Impressions

Apollo completely changed the game for us. It allowed us to identify relevant targets that are ready to scale and reach out to them at the exact right time.

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Increase in total meetings


Increase in call-to-meeting conversion


Greater contact accuracy with Apollo compared with competitors

Implementing Apollo was ridiculously easy, and we saw a great immediate return on investment. It was a complete no-brainer that it was the right decision.

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