Apollo vs. Seamless.ai

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Why Apollo is the choice over Seamless.ai

End-to-end sales engine

Apollo offers more than just a lead database. We help you sell faster and smarter with an all-in-one solution.

Smarter and faster prospecting

Find more valuable contact and company data with powerful search functions and intelligent recommendations.

High-quality data at lower cost

Reach ROI faster with more high-quality contact and company data at a low cost per credit.

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Number of verified emails available.

Phone Numbers

Number of verified phone numbers available.

Most Accurate

Data accuracy of database.

Not available
Not available

Prospecting Features

Advanced Filters

Use 65+ search filters to find high-value leads.

Google Calendar Integration

View contact data and insights within Google calendar.

Job Change Alerts

Get alerts when contacts change companies.

CRM & API Enrichment

Replace outdated data with accurate data.

Engagement Features


Automate your entire outbound workflow.

Email Automation

Create automated emails, templates, and A/B tests.

Click-to-Call Dialer

Auto record, transcribe, and join active calls.

LinkedIn Task Integration

Connect, send messages, and view LinkedIn contacts.

Workflow Features

Bilateral CRM sync

Bi-directional sync with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM.

Scoring Engine

Assign scores to contacts and accounts.

Rules Engine

Automate tasks across prospecting and engagement.

Advanced Analytics

Create pre-built or custom analytics reports.

G2 Crowd Rankings

Ease of Use

User-friendly and intuitive product.

Ease of Doing Business With

Satisfaction with the ease of doing business with.

Quality of Support

Timely and quality of support.

Overall Satisfaction Score

Overall score for meeting users needs.


How Apollo beats Seamless.ai

All-in-one platform

A powerful all-in-one go-to-market engine

We help sales teams work faster and smarter by offering a B2B database, engagement suite, and workflow engine. Easily and quickly go from prospecting to connecting with your leads through Apollo or any of our integration partners.

Better prospecting

Better data insights and easier to use

Find more valuable contact and company data attributes, robust search functions, and intelligent recommendations. Our platform is easy to use and intuitive and has robust data filters allowing you to precisely target your ideal customer.

More users

A trusted platform with 5x more users

Apollo has five times more users on our platform and is backed by reputable investors to take our product and technology to the next level for our customers.

What users have to say about Apollo and Seamless.ai

We switched from Seamless.ai and it's much better for half the price.

Apollo is helping our sales team find better and more accurate leads. We switched from Seamless.ai and it's much better for half the price.

Marko B

Data Scientist/SEO Specialist, Small-Business

My team has had a super easy transition from Seamless.ai.

​​I love the flexibility of the tool and its bilateral sync with HubSpot. My team has had a super easy transition from Seamless.ai and can use HubSpot or Apollo to reach out to leads, and the sync will prevent issues like double emailing.

G2- Alysha G

Growth Operations Manager, Small-Business

The most accurate of all the competitors we evaluated.

The data accuracy in Apollo was better, in our experience and evaluation than Seamless.ai and Hunter.io.

Information Technology and Services

Trusted by over a million users worldwide.


Frequently asked questions

How is Apollo.io different from Seamless.ai?

Apollo.io has more data attributes on each record and can provide more intelligent insights and recommendations. We have more powerful data search functionalities and robust filters allowing you to hone in on your ideal customer profile, faster and easier. We also offer an end-to-end solution that allows you to automate your entire sales workflow.

Does Apollo.io or Seamless.ai have better data accuracy?

According to users in G2, Apollo offers better data accuracy than Seamless.ai for both contacts and companies.

We know that having access to accurate verified data is the most important to our users. For that reason, Apollo provides a free account that you can sign up for at any time with access to 50 email credits. With those email credits, you’d be able to run a side-by-side data sample comparison yourself. Or request a demo and meet with one of our team members to learn more about our data.

How is prospecting on Apollo.io versus Seamless.ai?

Apollo.io has more than 250 million contacts and 60 million companies in our database, with new records being added constantly. We offer more sophisticated prospecting tools, such as the Apollo Chrome Extension that works on LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Calendar, and any website to quickly and easily find emails and numbers. We also provide more robust filtering capabilities with over 65+ basic and advanced filters in our database of over 200+ data attributes for you to precisely target your ideal customer.

How does Apollo.io compare to Seamless.ai in product features?

Apollo.io offers an end-to-end solution where you can automate your entire sales workflow. Unique features to Apollo.io compared to Seamless.ai are many including; email automation, click-to-call dialer, bilateral CRM sync, job change alerts, advanced analytics, and more! Go from finding a lead on LinkedIn to contacting them with an automated email with just the click of a button.